L3 Plan of God

“From the beginning of time, God has had a plan to unite with all people & all things for all time, in a cosmic communion of love.” - Sofia Cavalletti

The Plan of God strip announces and make visible God’s loving plan for cosmic communion with all people & with creation. The restored Plan of God control strip and mute strip are available in two different sizes: the original POG is 27 feet long. For the smaller atrium, we have produced a 60% version of the Plan of God that is 16 feet long. Instructions to color the strips are included with purchase. The cards for the mute strip, previously sold separately, are included with the purchase of the Plan of God.

CGSUSA is very excited about the restored Plan of God. This material had not been available to the CGS community for many months while it was in process of being returned to the beauty of the original work created by Sofia and Gianna. Over years of time and multiple copying, some of the images have lost their original clairty, this clarity has been restored. The text has moved from cursive to print for ease of the child.

I already have a Plan of God, should I order the restored Plan of God for our AtriumThat decision is up to each individual Atrium. If you already have the Plan of God, it is not necessary to purchase a restored Plan of God for the fall, unless your current Plan of God is in need of repair, etc. or you specifically want to offer the child the printed word rather than script.

L3 Plan of God
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